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Introduction to Education

Education is a cultivation of character, a habitude against nature and at the same time a condition that differentiate people from other species. It is an art which changes consciousness into unconsciousness. Finally, it is a virtue that you cultivate your entire life!
Education formally is a social science that encompasses teaching and learning specific knowledge, beliefs, and skills.

Why not? It is the question faced by every young men and woman today in Republic of Moldova. Almost everybody tends to be an erudite and well-bred person. And these qualities unfortunately are not developed beginning from kindergartner, school, then university and adult life.

Currently, Moldavian educative system has two prime objectives: to improve cultural and moral values; and to change mentality, attitude and behavior. More than that youth is designed to become independent individuals who will be able to survive any social reality. Moldavian educative system implements educative strategies, developing mechanisms which aim creation of national values, social and cultural values, etc. These are preconditions to individual's ability to accommodate to changes in society and to unstable environment. All this is influenced by social, psychological and physiological factors which either accelerate the process or stop it.

Learning is a psychological and biological process. Learning doesn't make the difference between individuals of different social classes, nationality belonging, or gender. Also, learning is a continuous process determined by the social relations of production. Today aptitudes and capabilities of a person are more appreciated than a enormous quantity of knowledge which are not useful or applicable.

Moldavian educative system is not a simple accumulation of knowledge anymore; it is a multilateral development of individual. If in the past educative system "wearied" with its enormous accumulations, "dehumanized" with its dictatorship; then today it pays attention to individuality teaching - to rationally use information and means, to initiate formative processes; to evolve in qualitative direction not in quantitative one.

In this situation, educative system can't be analyzed apart from the socio-psychological and personal. This fact is determined by:
- solving the day by day problems;
- participation of the individuals in their educational process, using the values of surrounding world;
- using the knowledge from the sociological environment and psychological environment;
- learning through observation, offering characteristic models of behavior and attitude;
- finalization of interests types through organization of an independent strategy of development.

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