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Steps in evolution of education

Beginning with ancient times it was paid special attention to education and educated persons played an important role in society.

The accumulated social and cultural values and knowledge received by society were transmitted from generation to generation through communities like school and family.
Besides, family and school, there were other ways for education improvement or better said for bringing into being education. They were not necessary positive or with effects.

A close analysis of the cultural and social structures of educational system showed that during history it enlarged its fields, namely in areas as: production, social sciences, technological field, and anatomy knowledge, geographic related sciences, etc.

Knowledge was transmitted from generation to generation as wisdom. At its turn wisdom created rules regarding children education, after which appeared laws, norms, traditions. The last ones help to build the young generation under social requirements. At present, education became a process guided by specialists in the needed tideway.

In this way, education is closely related and directly depends on the environment created by society. Education appears to be a continuous process of learning. It contains factors of social nature, methods of control and leading of educational process. Society needs not just to control the educational process but also to offer means for its realization.
The evolution of educational system was assured by the comparison between different national educational systems of different periods.

To have an effective society you have not just to be thought to behavior right, to have right values and to gain as much applicable knowledge as possible, but also to actively participate to its processes. A person becomes personality only through some active processes; application of the received knowledge as a result of education is an active process. Otherwise, your knowledge doesn't worth a whit and you'll regress.


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