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New directions in education

Development of modern world has created new problems and new solutions for them. There was added a large diversity of educations: ecological education; education for peace; democracy and participation education; demographic education; economic education; fundamental rights education; etc.

These new directions can be implemented in following ways:
- inserting new subjects that study the above areas;
- creating special section that refer to these types of education as parts of basic subjects;
- providing additional, optional materials for detailed studing or organize conferences and extracurricular activities.

Education for peace: this category promotes communication and participative attitude between states. This is fundamental idea that can enhance peace. The main goal is to educate generations that will promote, respect and assure peace. The objectives are:
- personality building;
- studing specific characteristics, conditions and problems of peace promoting;
- using knowledge to share peace ideology to society.

Education for peace is based on ideas that exclude aggression, xenophobia, racism, etc.

Fundamental rights education: This type of education studies fundamental human rights and fights for rights like minorities rights, women rights, children rights, freedom of thought, etc. the main goal is to make children understand in early ages the sense of the well-known phrase "My rights finish where the other persons rights start". Fundamental rights education is oriented to:
- division of efforts in area of human rights. Children are taught to understand the purpose of each right and law and how to divide efforts in promoting human rights. It always starts with the idea that everybody should respect rights of persons who surround him/her;
- comparison of the right of different countries and relate it to the International Law;
- detection of weak points in human fundamental rights, and propose real solutions;
- movies and documental films examples to show in examples result of human rights violation.

Never exceed your rights, and they will soon become unlimited!
Ecological education: appeared as result of ecological problems that evolved on world scale. Ecological education aims children's understanding of the fact that people and nature should be friends not enemies acting one against another. Ecological education necessity became clear when danger of natural disasters repeatedly appeared and took human lives. Humanity is on the edge of a world catastrophe, that's why it is very important to educate future generations in the direction of:
- resources preservation and wise usage;
- pollution prevention; purification of waters, soil, aer, etc.
- usage of energies which are not polluting and are provided by nature: wind energy, water energy, wave energy, etc.
- biological species protection;
- assuring of a safe and healthy environment; etc.

Ecological education usually is integrated in basic subjects as a separate compartment. In Republic of Moldova there is a stringent lack of specialists in this area. Usually, persons with agricultural education are involved in teaching this subject.

Ecological education is not just about saying 'this should not be done'. Children need more arguments and explanations that will help them logically understand how any kind of pollution can influence their life or why should they protect biological species. First idea that should be explained to them is that human being is a part of nature and that nature acts like a system where all details should be in order in this way it will function perfectly.

Of course, human specie and animal species are adaptive, but it is a long lasting process. Today nature and natural wanders change very fast and no living specie is able to time to certain conditions. Actual generations are responsible not just for themselves but for future of coming generation.


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