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Family influence on educational process

Family offers the environment in which a person learns in early age and at the same time family is the first source of information. That's why it is very important that that source to be trusted and realistic. In this way are put the basis of person's education. The family is fully responsible for the future of its each member.

Some say that family is the foundation of each person's character, in the same way roots are for tree. Everything begins with the fact that children are like mirrors! They reflect everything adults do but in the way they understand it. Later when going to school they will do the same thing, but to the pantheon of idols will be added not just some new members of family, but also teaches and rarely colleagues. After just coping the behavior and manners of certain people, comes a period when child selects what to do and what to say and combining more variants come to a personal one.

It is known that family inspires values which are more practical than theoretical. That's why it is easier to explain or to teach a child something by showing practically, in examples, whatever is needed to be offered.
Why family education proves to be more effective and rapid than any other? Well, the main idea is the fact that the element of trust is present. Children are very impressionable, they very well sense people and if they trust someone they are open for any kind of information.

Family's central role is to implement educative practices, cognitive exercises, and a large array of values. There are certain techniques of methods for applying family education. It is a very individual thing, as to different people information can be offered in different ways and through a variety of means. But there are some general rules and here are some of them:
- it is important for family to create a healthy, relaxed, free and multilaterally developed environment;
- if some talents are discovered in one of family's members, especially a young one, it is highly recommended to support and develop them;
- if there are some negative influences and wrong directed thinking, don't judge, don't criticize, don't express your negative point of view, otherwise you'll loose the person forever. Just express your point of view preferably without excesses, high spirited discussions or too many negations;
- it is highly recommended to answer honestly and straight to ALL question. And if you don't know the answers say it as it is: "sorry, I don't know; but let's find out together…"

The role of the family is more to form than to inform. You have to remember that children are like sponges they absorb all kinds of information destructive and constructive in the same manner. Very often adults are influenced negatively and can't handle some situations in their life, because they haven’t been taught to think and act independently. Teach your children or family members to think critically and analyze information that comes from everywhere.


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