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School influence on person formation

School is the second home for children. It is supposed to be an institution that educates personalities, that's why its goal should be: free evolution of children; high quality information; accessibility and clearness of offered information; development of the abilities and talents; etc.
Also school is the place where education is performed as a centralized and systematic activity meant to provide basic knowledge and aptitudes. It is characterized by planed, divers, theoretical and practical approach to offered information.
A significant feature that differentiates school and family education is the group predestination of the information which is adapted to the average level. In school lacks the individual approach towards education. But the advantage of school education is the possibility to accommodate to group studing and society. That forms the ability to insert the individual abilities into a common flow of the society.

In school the offered information is selected, analyzed and systematized by competent experts who renew the information making it up to time. In Republic of Moldova the process of systematic renewal of information is evolving very slowly because of poor independent of other states means.
The structure of school education is built around the teaching-learning process. The information is divided on subjects that make the understanding of social areas easier and provide each individual with basic needed knowledge.

In contrast to family education school education is founded on techniques, methods, strategies of education. These are meant for enriching the intellectual level of each individual and especially to discover hidden possibilities. To reach these results it is very important to engage specialists trained in pedagogy and psychology.

Education differs in institutions of different levels; in this way the methods applied in school differ from colleges or universities. In last are widely applied individual searching of information and learning by most appropriate means.

Today in Republic of Moldova attitude towards development of the personality is gradually changing. The education is understood as the primordial right and successful lottery ticket to XXI century.


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