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Influence of the mass-media to educational process

Each country has three kinds of powers: legislative, executive and judicial; still informally it is considered that exist the forth one mass-media. Anterior the development of any state depended on the industrial capacity, in our days it depends on how well a society is informed. Who owns the information is assured with continuous development.

An informed society features continuous evolution and increment of quality and quantity. At its turn a progressive society can assure places of work and as a result a higher quality of life and financial stability of the population.

This is the reason why we tend to a more informed society. And an informed society is built by/of/ and for educated people. Passage to an informed society is a gradual and difficult process, but not an impossible one. First of all, it should be done on all levels (cultural, social, and politic). Second, it should be implemented beginning with youngest representatives of society, inserting the newest informing methods in educational institutions. Finally, and the most important, to assure free access to information and effective means.

Republic of Moldova, has made small steps in the direction of informed society building, it is due to the economical situation. There are needed supplemental efforts to achieve this that will come from state, citizens, etc.

Mass-media is probably the most performing way to get informed. Any kind of information educates in a way ore another. The level of how verdict is the information is very relative, that's why when information is used for educating young generations it has to be reviewed and maybe adapted to some norms. Mass-media offers information in different form: news papers, magazines, radio, TV, etc.

Internet, became the most large and rapid source of information. Today it concurrences with other means of information and offers more than a news paper can offer. You can use Internet not just for informational or educational purposes, it ca be used for buying and taxes paying, etc.
But at the same time Internet information needs to be checked more than any other, because there are no considerable limitations of the information is posted.

Information is power, but as any kind of power it has to be used wisely.


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