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It is said that during last 6 months of baby carrying, between sky and the baby it is opened a river of information; and the following 6-7 years the child receives a continuous flux of information. This is an allegoric form to explain the information transfer from people that surround and child. When a baby is born it receives different kind of information: genetic information; information gathered during pregnancy; information of affection and love received after birth; etc.

A well-known philosopher said that: "Man is a rational animal that comes from nowhere and goes nowhere!" Then what is the purpose of the man on this earth? This logical question comes every time such philosophical phrases are explaining the sense of humankind existence.

Education is a culture of character. Getting educated a person goes against nature, because an educated person controls natural instincts and lives to develop mind rather than body. Another known phrase that characterizes human tendency is: 'We eat to live, we don't live to eat'. Education is not about gathering an enormous amount of information and knowledge, it is about using it.

Education as many other creations of men has been cultivated during history. We live in an accelerated times; we haste somewhere and in this haste we forget about most important things about human life. All over the world educational system is configured in concordance with impact of new technologies on the other hand with fast changes and globalization ascendance.

The globalization of education is seen differently some are against it, because in this way are excluded cultural specifics and traditions of learning; others promote a universal education that will help people move in the same direction and share educational practices with each other.

Most world governments want to change the human resources making them qualitatively better. The success of future world society depends on qualitative human resources. The main problem consists in the fact that with each epoch the array of knowledge enlarged and most information is highly needed; at the same time human brain capacity is limited and the possibility of creation of multifunctional 'super man' is a science fiction fantasy.

It is considered that education one has received is the mirror of the institution person graduated from. But let's not forget about individual factor. So if you tend to become a personality and not just an individual choose a prestigious educational institution and put a hand to self-building.


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