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Learning Activity Planning

This part of educational process is extremely important and is the most superior method of intellectual education. Learning Activity Planning represents a sum of proceedings and techniques that help students organize and plan their learning. It can be accomplished either with the help of professors or by oneself. This method is also used by professors in their planning of lessons. Learning Activity Planning is based on different types of learning: assisted learning; resource based learning; independent learning; etc.

Learning Activity Planning is highly related to didactic methodology. It fully uses known proceedings and methods combining it in the most convenient way.

During history epochs humanity created very difficult educational and learning systems. It was generated by changes in society and by up to time requirements. Today we also try to get an up to time education and organize the learning activity as efficient and easy as it is possible. Of course, it is a known fact that there are people with different rhythms of learning and there are people that have specific way of thinking for whom it is required a unique methodology.

Learning capacity is changed within person's age, gender, social position, etc. That’s why it is impossible to create a learning system for each person. All existing learning systems are accommodated to average level. That's why it is recommended to create a personal learning activity system. It helps to assimilate needed information taking in consideration memory capacity; mentality; concentration level; etc.

Some consider that humanity hasn't found a general solution for determination of consecutive learning stages yet. Others consider that this problem can't be solved at all. We believe that this problem is the main reason of the fact that some students are believed to be 'smarter' than others – it is just the fact that the existing educational and learning system fits them; it is not about poor capacity mental of other students.

Of course, we don't exclude the reality of different brain capacity of people, but we believe that learning and understanding capacity depends first of all on how information is offered.


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