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Sexual education a necessity

Today world offers a lot of sexual information. Sex became a commercial activity and different kind of information about sex can be seen, heard, read in most unexpected places. One point of view is that information educates others (and we support the idea) affirm that information can be constructive as much as destructive. That's why it is important to feed the hunger of sexual knowledge beginning with school age. It is better to propose children selected and correct information about their sexuality than to avoid the subject and disorient them.

Sexual education is more than just necessary in schools. Its performance will assure a healthy and safe life for generations. In most developed countries sexual education is a must, while in countries of third world sexual education is matter of time.

Sexual education must be exercised not only at school but in family too. It is more effective when the same information child heard at school is heard at home too.

How to explain so child can learn? First of all, the adults need to understand by themselves that:
- Sexuality is a compound of every human's life. And if it is in order then all other compounds of life are in order too;
- The wrong understanding of sexuality importance will affect not just certain person but surrounding ones too;
- There are an enormous number of sources where children can get information, that' s why it is needed to make it as interesting as acceptable;
- Young generations develop faster than old generations; don't try to explain using old methods.

Using these guidelines try to make a logical plan, scheme or whatever can be helpful for easy explanation. The only one rule is to be honest when answering questions. By the way, all questions should be answered!

It should be clear for children why sex is so important. The reality is that initially its predestination was human kind reproduction, and then it became pleasure; mean to make money, and even art. One thing is evident all human beings need affection, love, physical satisfaction of sexual needs, etc. Of course, these nice things about sex have to be completed with knowledge about limits in sex and useful information about sexuality and sexual health.

As the result of sexual revolution, diversity in sexual life has came on the surface. It doesn't mean that there were no bisexual orientation or homosexual orientation in past, there existed in antiquity and evolved during times. Sexual revolution brought not just diversity and openness; it also brought information about what danger hides "the sweet fruit" of love. Along with erotic experiments people discovered sexual diseases and found cure to some of them.

Sexual education should not be limited to anatomic, hygienic, physic, logic levels but also social and educative ones. Sexual education should be promoted by:
- Family. It is first source of information. It has to participate by giving an obvious example of love and affection. Children learn more from what they see and experience than from what they are told.
- School. This is the institution that will continue sexual education of the individual deepening it in the area of physiological, psychological and social knowledge. The main role of school is to guide.
- Mass-media and Internet. It is a powerful source of information that provides memory with information using all memory channels: visual, auditory, etc. Every show, movie, even concert bears information that influences on unconsciousness level. This is not accidentally that some movies are prohibited for children. It is parents' responsibility to verify interests of children and to recommend some mass-media sources.
- Surroundings. Voluntarily o r involuntary this factor influences substantially children's opinion about sex and its importance. What friends say sometimes can be much more important than what parents think. This factor can hardly be controlled, almost impossible.

Sexual education is one of the most important types of education in a person's life. When sexual life is in order other areas of one's life are going well. Also, sexual education is important as on it depends health and sanity of future generations.


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