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One of the university education goals is to teach young people to adapt to the social reality of modern world. The actual problem of the young generation in Republic of Moldova is the excessive accumulation of information comparing to low level of logic assimilation of information. Also the accumulated knowledge is very rarely used in practice.

Institutions of higher education inspire not just knowledge; they develop in person values, mentality, style of life, way of thinking, etc. Usually, within higher education institutions students are trained for their future life not just in professional meaning but also in personal too.

There is for sure a big difference between a person who succeeded to graduate from university or college and the one who stopped intellectual development after high school.

University shapes from a teenage an adult; from a person it shapes a personality! This is not necessary happening by enormous accumulation of information; on the contrary, it is generated by deepening of the existent knowledge and by bringing it to a new qualitative level. The key word of this period is 'formation'!

Universities are supposed to be places which will help the forming personality to choose his/her way in life and eventually will determine his/her life course.


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