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1. General stipulations:
- to university a student is admitted by competitive examination;
- examinations are performed directly by institution of higher education, following the chose specialization;
- budget places are distributed in the following way: 30% to schoolleaver; 60% to high school graduates; 10% to college graduates;
- 10% are offered for graduates from Transnistria, Gagauzia and Ukraine;
- 50% are offered to rural graduates;
- by same conditions are admitted Moldavian graduated from abroad;
- free attendance studing is allowed to following categories of graduates: college graduates; high schools graduates; general schools graduates who are involved in work activity;
- free attendance studing can be used only in cases when specialty provides it;
- university institutions have the right to admit students on the contract base over the established plan in concordance to Statute and Ministry of Economy and Reformation;
- admission to institutions of higher education is realized in concordance with general dispositions of the Statute;
- provided exams for admission in dependence on specialty are formed by institutions and sanctioned by Ministry of Education and Science;
- admission of Moldavian graduates to foreign institution of higher education is effectuated in concordance with criteria settled by Ministry of Education and Science;
- to full attendance budget education can be admitted persons up to 35 years old; while to free attendance or contract based education can there is no limits for admitted persons;
- persons which are engaged in a work contract beneficiate of all kinds of courses and education and a vacation on one's own account;
- participants to competitive examination are obliged to pay an attendance tax that is settled by Ministry of Education and Science;

Contestation of works
If there are any issues to be contested in written paper works it is possible to revise it in bases of following criteria:
- revising commission is created of specialists in the examined subject; the commission is sanctioned by rector of university;
- president and members of contest commission can't be the same persons who participated in examination commission;
- contestation commission begins its activity when the examination period starts and finishes it when the admitted persons are announced;
- contestations are hand in on the day when examination results have been announced
- the hand in application is revised by commission and the results are hand in to the contest commission president; after the final decision the results are announced to the contestant or in 48 hours after repeated examination;
- members of contestation commission will be paid in dependence on the number og hours that are worked.


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