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Steps in creating a license work

Each scientific work possesses some specific elements; is created following certain rules; have some strict requirements. The main predestination for these is to make the scientific work more accessible, clear and constructive. A license work has not just the goal to inform but also to discover something new or to present something unusual.

A license work has to be based on large and divers bibliography. It is what can prove veridical and multilateral character of it. It is often called scientific apparatus.

Scientific apparatus, usually relates to books, newspapers articles, internet resources, annexes, etc. their enumeration can be settled either at the beginning or at the end of work. The resources need to be written correctly and consecutively.

There are three types of elements in a license work:
1. Introductive elements: preface, introductive research and edition note;
2. Redaction elements: refers to the body of work, text script, footnotes, annotations, etc;
3. Annexes: images, comments, additional enforcing documents, etc.

These elements compose the main body of the license work. Text is subjected to some norms: lateral alignment; size and script; footnotes and final notes; etc.
Footnotes need to me designated in text and enumerates at the end of each page. Numeration can be chosen by the author.

In description of license work are usually used two kinds of elements:
1. Principal elements that indicate type and nature of work;
2. Complimentary elements refer to goals, objectives, direction of work.

It is recommended to create a provisory plan of license work before beginning to write it and a tight collaboration with a specialist in the area would be very helpful. Usually this plan is changed during elaboration of license work.

Work analyze refers to classification and synthesizing of used documentation: motivation of the chosen theme; goals; consequences; perspectives; etc.

License drawing up features license work division into logical parts: chapters, paragraphs, sections, etc. For their numeration can be used: Arabic numbers, Roman numbers, and letters.

Conclusions have to contain personal opinions about researched theme. Usually conclusions are requited at the end of each chapter and general conclusion is needed at the end of license work. A worthy conclusion answers to main questions of license work and explains the proposed goals.

License work is a scientific one that is why it is important to respect neutral style of research; to reach coherence and unity of ideas; and to add uniqueness of broaching.
When license work is presented, should be respected following rules:
- Title Page theme of the presented work should be written with capital letters and situated a little bit above the middle line of page. Four lines below it is indicated author's name, institution and coordinating person.
- Title Page will be joined by summary of the presented work, which will include titles of chapters and other parts of work.
- Paging should always be done in the same way indifferent where author chooses to settle it.


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