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Subscription to competitive examination

- in competitive examination can be subscribed citizens of Republic of Moldova, graduates of: high schools, general schools; colleges; professional schools;
- graduates of universities have the rights to continue education getting another specialization only contract based; college graduates also can to continue education getting another specialization only contract based;
- foreign citizens can also participate in competition basing on the existing collaboration protocols signed between Republic of Moldova and student's country;
- beside application sheet to attend competitive examination there are needed:
1. Graduation documents in original form;
2. Medical certificate, nr. 086 -U, dating application year;
3. Diplomas of I-III grade obtained in different competitions and conferences on republican or international level, and other kinds of extracurricular activities organized by Ministry of Education and Science;
4. 6 photos 3X4 cm;
5. Extract from work card for those who are engaged in work activity;
6. Graduates from Romania will present a graduation certificate which will contain the studied subjects and obtained marks;
7. Graduates from colleges beside diploma will present an annex to the diploma which will contain the studied subjects and obtained marks;
8. It is compulsory to present a certificate from public administrative organs which indicates the fact that person has not been involved in work activity after pre-university education; in case if the extract from work card is not presented;
9. In case applicant is orphan it is presented a wardship attestation from the competent organs;
10. Graduates from institution with special education present corresponding graduation documents; those candidates who have not graduated this kind of institutions and have physical disabilities should present a certificate from Expertise Consultative Medical Commission;
11. Candidates should present soldier's record and birth certificate;
12. The admission application and needed documents are handed in to Admission Commission in the indicated period;
13. The admission application should contain specification of chose specialty. When the handing in period expires, there is no possibility to change any information in application form;
14. Secretary of Admission Commission delivers a form that contains a photo of candidate to admission if his/her file is accepted. To the competition examination candidate should bring identity card, birth certificate and the form mentioned above.


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