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Choosing Profession

There are two important things in one's professional life: chosen education and chosen profession. It will not be overreacted if we say that the chose one made in professional direction determines the quality of his/her life and maybe even the entire life itself.

People are always in situations of taking decisions not just in professional area but also in personal life. Each decision draws the map of our lives. That is why it is important to know how to draw you life map right. It should be mentioned that when a person takes a certain decision it affect other people too and in this way entire society. It is a serious responsibility and it should be taken seriously.

Decision regarding choice of profession comes in a relatively young age. In Republic of Moldova this age begins with 18 years old. In this life period person slightly know what is best for himself/herself and decisions are taken by parents or by themselves by simply choosing what 'sounds good'. It is especially hard for graduates from rural places, who come to capital or other big cities and barely know something about higher education structure. Correct information is offered only by institutions itself.

With the choice of profession and preparing for it begins adult life. There are some rules when choosing profession which can useful:
1. Think of what profession is mostly required in modern society or which profession will assure formation of your personality and stable financial state;
2. Choose a profession that will use your abilities, capacities, skills and will help you develop them;
3. You need to choose a profession you like otherwise you'll never built a career or get pleasure from what you do;
4. Take in consideration all advantages and disadvantages of profession you want to choose. Answer questions like: How it will affect your health? What perspectives can it promise? Will I assure your financial stability? Etc.

Education is a needed component even for those who love working on ground and are interested in agriculture. Institutions of higher education educate new mentality and values; develop way of thinking and life tendencies; cultivate points of view and opinions.

It is important for any person to ask himself/herself - what he/she wants in life by choosing this profession. Also the understanding of the fact that he/she is a ring of chain called society is important too. A successful society is built out of educated persons who are uniformly divided in society.

Moldavian society has some weak points in this regard. There is a huge potential and work force which is unneeded. At the same time the diversity of specialties is pretty narrow; demand is lower than supply the difference results in unemployment.


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