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Differences in university education

The main fact that differentiates a university student from a school student is individual studying and gaining of knowledge. The main goal is to teach students act and think independently.

World educational system differs very much from one continent to another. Let's begin studying the differences. University year is divided in differently. In Republic of Moldova university year is divided into two semesters; in Romania it depends on the university: there can be 4 semesters or two semesters; in Russia into two semesters; etc.

In Republic of Moldova there are needed three marks to get a final score. Final score is coupled by exam or test result to get general score. Some specialties put accents on practical works that generate the final score. If annual scores are very good and high then students can be spared of exams or tests.

In Romania (in institutions with two semesters) the final score is acquired at the end of semesters basing on the notes made by professor in his personal notebook.

Institutions which have partial semesters sum the scores to obtain a general one. In Russia, the system is much alike ours, students accumulate marks that are summed to get the final one.

The most intriguing question is: what educational system is better? Eastern or Western? There is no an adequate answer to it, because each system was polished for centuries and for a specific nation is created the easiest and the most effective educational system. The truth is that: who studies gets knowledge and who don't get only empty attendance and a worthless document. So it is not about educational system it is about 'got to know' starvation!


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