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Classical Learning

The way one assimilates information is not necessary linked to his/her intellectual capacities. It is rather more dependent on environment and people who surround person during learning process. Sometimes ability to remember information is the result of correctly chosen method of learning.

There are a lot of receipts meant to help students assimilate as much information and get as much knowledge as possible. Here we can start with 'chocolate' which is considered to minimize stress and finish with physical exercises before learning activity which are considered revitalizing for the brain.
One thing is known for sure: learning mostly depends on the spiritual and mental state of person.

Day by day problems very visibly affect learning and productivity itself. That is why it is harder to study in an advanced age when is created family and there are a lot of questions to be settled.

To effectively assimilate information there are needed following conditions:
- all stored information regarding studied subject should be excluded from mind in order to make place to new concepts and ideas;
- to create a proper environment for learning activity; exclude: continuous or annoying noise; eating during learning; too dim or bright light; rest couple of minutes each hour;
- make an imaginary plan of the learned theme, or write it down if visual memory is more developed than imaginary one;
- concentrate not on learned information itself, but on its impact, effect, affect, etc;
- assimilation, comparison, exemplifications can enforce one's learning process and help memorize more details;

Know that it is normal to forget some information, that doesn't mean it is lost forever. With a little more effort information will be recovered.
Remember motivation is the most important stimulus for information assimilation.


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