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How to reach anal orgasm

Anal sex is a sexual activity that is practiced by a lot of people but probably the one that needs some preparation and practice. First thing to consider while engaging in anal intercourse is that it should be an absolutely consensual activity. As one of the most important factors leading to orgasm is the feeling of relaxation and comfort during anal play.

Tips to prepare for anal intercourse

  1. Take things step by step
    One of the most crucial things to make anal sex enjoyable is to start slowly. If you don't feel like participating in anal practice - you just better leave it till the time is right. Watching over your and your partner's reaction can be the best policy.
  2. Relaxation is above all
    Inserting anything in the anus can feel quite uncomfortable, unless the muscles of the sphincter are more or less loosened. In order to relax yourself for smooth penetration it is advisable to take a shower and find a position that will be make you feel at ease.
  3. Lube, toys and condoms
    Anal area is not lubricated, that's why having a good water-based lube is highly recommended. Oil-based lubes should be avoided as they damage latex and regarding that condom should be a must during anal play "a condom plus water-based lube" duo is the best choice you can make. Put on a regular condom even when you are using sex toys, not to say about penis penetration.

Anal orgasm
Anal stimulation if done correctly can bring your partner to orgasm and give you undeniably new and exciting sensations. There are many techniques to apply during the erotic play and intensify the sensations to the highest degree.

Simultaneous genital and anus stimulation
Similar to the way many women learn to experience vaginal orgasm through getting clitoral in the first place, you may find out how to achieve anal orgasm coupled by orgasm achieved through genitals stimulation. For women, the most orgasm-gearing zones are clitoris and vagina, consequently men will reach the climax when their penis and scrotum receive enough stimulation.

There are several ways you can reach anal orgasm with the help of sex toys:

  • Using anal vibrator and manual stimulation
    Anal vibrators come in various types. If you aim to make stimulation easier, use a butt plug vibrator as it can comfortably be left inside anus while you stroke your partner's genitals. If you need to add a bit more of thrusting, choose anal probe as anal probe is usually thinner to slide it inside anal area.
  • Using anal vibrator and penetrating your partner
    There are a lot of vibrators that can be used for double penetration called dual action vibrators. They are meant to stimulate anus and vagina one at a time. Triple action vibrators engage clitoral, vaginal and anal zones to reach the culmination simply in few seconds. The simultaneity of such adornment allows creating the storming effect on all erogenous spots and helping to fuse excitement from different body areas.
  • Oral sex and anal penetration
    While you can caress your partner's genitals with tongue and lips, his or her anus may well get additional enhancement if you insert a vibrating butt plug or gently stimulate it with a smaller anal probe. Using a vibrating butt plug is thought to be more convenient as it stays in and you focus your energy on oral pleasure.
  • Engaging anal beads
    Anal beads are meant to be a culminating intensifier. You insert them inside anus and when your partner is about to climax, you gradually pull them out. The sphincter contractions around each bead create very enjoyable sensations. For a man, it becomes a good opportunity to delay the ejaculation and thus prolong female pleasure. For a woman, this will enhance the orgasmic bliss and help her achieve multiple O's easily.

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