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Cartier Remarkable Jeweler and Watchmaker

Today the expansion of business is the main goal of all companies. Every company tries to add new lines of products and gain popularity so its creations could be very well sold not only in the house country but worldwide as well. This step has been already made by the now famous brand Cartier. The company creates marvelous works of art from precious stones and metals.

Its marvelous jewelry, leather-goods, fragrance and certainly watches are highly appreciated by both men and women. Cartier is one of the world's oldest companies to design jewelry. Since its foundation in 1847 Cartier designed works that were worn by royalties, rich and famous people. The history of the brand is very rich in its events from selling jewelry to the crowned heads of Europe and till new fine-watches lines of the 21st century.

End of the 19th Century The Beginning of the 20th Century

Starting with the middle of the 19th century and throughout the 20th century Cartier was a family business. During this period of time the company created its first watch entitled Santos, after the famous Brazilian aviator, as well as opened several boutiques in such fashion centers such as: Paris, London, New York and St. Petersburg. Its watch models became famous worldwide.

The most remarkable moments of Cartier were the creation of the first man's wristwatch, the first water resistant timepiece. Cartier watches can be found having movements from world's most famous watch manufacturers such as: Jaeger-Le Coulter, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet and Movado.

In the middle of the 20th century the company found itself in a difficult situation because after Lois Cartier passed away there was no one to continue the business. Luckily the company was able to found investors and successfully come back on the market of fine watches and jewelry. The first huge step in the resurrection of Cartier was the launching of "Le Must" line and the new Santos.

Current Collections and Models

Today Cartier continues designing beautiful works of art for men and women. In its watch arsenal one can find such famous collections like: Tank, Pasha De Cartier, Santos De Cartier and Ligne 21 de Cartier.

The Cartier Tank collection includes remarkable models like: Tank Solo, Tank Chinoise, Tank Americane, Tank Francaise, Tank Divan, Tank Louis Cartier and Tankissime.

Pasha De Cartier includes watches: 32mm, 42mm, Pasha C and Pasha Seatimer.

The famous Santos De Cartier collection includes: Santos Demoiselle, Santos Dumont, Santos 100 and Santos De Cartier Galbee.

Finally the well-know line of watches entitled Ligne 21 De Cartier includes: 21 Chronoscarf and 21 Must de Cartier. The brand includes many other incredible timepieces made of various precious materials and stones.

The timepieces from Cartier are available in platinum, gold/steel, steel, titanium and three types of gold, namely yellow, white and rose.

The watch collections from Cartier include timepieces with various types of movements from quartz till mechanical automatic winding and mechanical manual winding. Various designs and various sizes for men and women can be found in every Cartier collection.



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