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Uniting Forces: Cisco and IBM are creating a unified platform

Cisco and IBM Cisco and IBM started a project of creating a unified platform to unite the Communication Software Developers.

Their main goal is to provide all the communication services with a platform that would totally cover all their needs. With this platform they are going to replace all the different platforms from other vendors. So that it would be easier for them to collaborate.

The base of the new platform will be OSGi (Open Services Gateway initiative) and Eclipse. And the hybrid of two big companies will be called UC2 for Unified Communication and Collaboration.

The partnership of the two companies does not stop here. They are also going to develop the software for the communication APIs that have been made by Cisco. Besides they are going to create a collaboration application from Lotus SameTime.

The SameTime is going to be modified this year and the creators are going to add more features to the product. Among those are functions like voice mailing and click-to-call. Cisco is taking a road of more convenient conversation adding new features to Cisco Unified IP phones. They have enabled instant messaging, log with calls history and video telephony. This is all going to wait us this year.

As the UC2 is going to be the single platform for everybody it should attract many developers of application. They will be creating different plug-ins for the platform. Enriching and developing the software support of it.

Coca-Cola, by the way, is interested in new IBM and Cisco platform and they are going to use this technology in their communication system.

IBM and Cisco are also going to certify the UC2 platform software in order for it to meet all the Cisco and IBM requirements. So we are going to have a good platform with some good certified software as opposed to all the beta versions.

Besides, the UC2 platform will also help the development of Unified Personal Communicator that we are probably going to see soon.

There are also some rivals of IBM and Cisco coalition: the Microsoft and Nortel Networks however they did not have so much experience and success in this field. So the ideas of Cisco and IBM are going to blast the market with their invention.

Reference: IBM and Cisco - Attempt to Unite the Communication Software Developers



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