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Google Hosted an Event for Publishers and Authors

While the book publishing market states that Google Book Search is a threat, Google replies that digital content is not threatening, and as a matter of fact, says Google, Book Search is not an issue but on the contrary it represents solution.

Those present at the "Unbound" event, held at the New York Public Library on Thursday, said that print publishing is the one that should evolve. This is because of various changes that occur in the contemporaneous media culture. The event was hosted by Google and more than 300 people visited it. They all were primary involved in the field of publishing.

"Unbound" was visited by those that wanted to hear a number of speakers, ranging from Cory Doctorow, who is the co-editor of Boing Boing as well as the author of science fiction works, and to such major publishing stores like Harper Collis and Cambridge University Press.

The director of Google's content partnership, Jim Gerber, stated that the main goal is to stimulate the thinking of authors and those at Google concerning both challenges and opportunities that will have a certain impact on everybody.

"Unbound" was a response to the Library Project developed by Google, which is quite controversial, and the company's Book Search feature. The latter met a strong resistance from the industry of publishing. During the event, various authors, publishers and analysts achieved an agreement that in the 21st century the publishing industry should expand its activity. This is, of course, in case it wants to survive within the ever evolving digital world.

The aim of Google was not only to improve the image of its Library Project. The company looked forward to ink deals with those publishers, who agree to make their content available via Google's Book Search. However, some of them were concerned about Google's proposal since it could hurt their profits.

In his speech, Doctorow said that free e-books have a perfect commercial sense, despite how many authors may think about it as a threat. The speech also included Doctorow's experience as an author, who gained significant profit from distributing his books via Internet under Creative Common license. This is, of course, besides selling books in various bookstores and web's marketplaces.

Seth Godin, who is a blogger and a tech-savvy author, mentioned at "Unbound" that he agrees with Doctorow's opinion, concerning the advantage of spreading for free, throughout the Internet, the works of various publishers and authors. He said that any authors that launched his or her works in the Internet will receive the greatest payment that one could get, which is the attention of people.



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