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Collection of ID Lubricants solved in the water

It is perfectly known that the best lubricants that are recommended for use is water-based ones, in other words, those made on the base of the water, not any other ingredients: stickier oil or silicone.

The application of lubricants sometimes is very important matter, especially when the partners suffer the lack of the natural lubrication due to some reasons, or when they use sex toys during solo or partner erotic plays. ID Lubricants is one of the most famous lube brand appeared on the market in the early 1990. this brand is the pride of the American company Westridge Laboratories, Inc. located in California.

Why Water?
Water-based lubricants are solved in the water and are easily washed away after the use. They will never spoil your clothes or sheets and will not leave the oily stains. One of the most important properties is their compatibility with the latex material. It is known that oil-based lubricant may spoil the texture of the condom and cause its break at midpoint. There is one disadvantage with water-based lubricants: they are solved in the water, therefore are ineffective in the water. If you decide to have sex under the water, its better to take oil-based lubricant that is washed away only by soap.

Water-based Collection

ID Lubricants brand offers the following world famous products manufactured on the base of the water: Glide, Juicy Lube, Pleasure and Sensation. We will check all of them and will help you to choose the most suitable for this or that situation.

You can use the ID Lubricants Glide both for anal and vaginal explorations. Moreover, take it for your masturbatory games with or without sex toys. Glide is especially effective for the sensitive skin and includes only non-toxic ingredients.

ID Lubricants Juicy Lube has the pleasant odor and flavor of 9 different fruity tastes, so this lubricant may be used also for oral sex. This type of ID Lubricants is very popular. The scents are fine and delicate and will fill your bedroom with freshness.

ID Lubricants Pleasure includes ginkgo biloba and red clover among its ingredients. If your arousal is poor try this nice product to enhance it! Many couples use this lubricant for more intensive sexual desire.

ID Lubricants Sensation is a lubricant with the warming effect. Usually this lube is not used for penetrating sex to escape irritating of the inner erogenous zones. But you can apply this lube to other erogenous zones and enjoy the warming pleasant sensations.




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