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Vacuum Pumping of Female Genitals

During the ages people are always dissatisfied with some shapes of this or that part of their bodies. And with purpose to change something in their appearance they resorted to different methods. Special concern both in men and women is connected with the size of their genitalia and their enlargement methods has been developing till now. Women no less than men are highly concern with the shapes of their pussies and clitoris considering that the bigger they would be the more pleasures they will receive.

We will not talk now about the surgical interference, since this it the theme for the separate investigation. Let's talk about pumps - Clitoral Pumps - special devices invented for sexual and also medical purposes.

First Pumps for genitals have been designed for men for treating impotence and some other problems with erection. The application of such devices for sexual pleasure gained the popularity a little bit later. Today it is also used by women for their body modifications.

The mechanism of this devices operating is easy: the clitoris and labia are slid in the cup and the pump provides them with vacuum. In this moment the blood flow increases significantly changing the real size of female genitals by engorging the tissues and enlarging them.

It is known that regular exercises of the muscles after a certain period of time change the appearance of them and the results will be received with repetition. The same situation happens with clitoris and clitoral area: with very short period of time it changes the appearance enlarging greatly to the size the user wishes. But enlargement is mostly temporal and after 24-48 hours it diminishes.

The process of enlargement for a woman to notice any changes need just 10-20 minutes per day during 2 months. This is the enough period of time, since these areas do not have more muscles and can be easily "pumped".

The very important moment in these explorations is the precautionary measures, since the risk of injuries occurrence is very high. The extreme pumping experience may seem attractive to some passionate individuals, but in most cases it leads to capillary vessels breaking. You should be always with safety, health practice in mind when you start practicing.

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