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Weird USB Drives

When USB came into life it had a great success, mainly due to its small size and a huge amount of memory it could store. Today, however, various producers are not striving to make USB drives more useful, they rather make them fashionable. Some companies overdo their work and this is when weird USB drives appear. Below you will find the list of the strangest USB drives.

10. A company originally from Japan called Solid Alliance designed the iduck. It represents a USB duck, which come in different colors and some models even light up when they are plugged in cute but strange.

9. The next design is really weird. It is a USB designed as a sake bottle. Surely only a few people could've though that a USB Drive could be blacked out under a sake bottle. Probably because of the idea's insanity the drive became popular.

8. Continuing with Japanese cuisine another USB Drive was designed to look like Sushi. But there is not just one type of sushi the USB comes in different variants of the traditional Japanese food. Maybe it sounds tasty but it looks weird.

7. The next design is the weirdest among all mentioned earlier. It is called Mikan Seijin USB memory. If the name is translated into English then it means "Mandarin Alien", which in fact is a Japanese TV show that was popular back in 1994. It is neither tasty nor original, one thing's for sure it's weird.

6. Big Tiki Drive is the name of another design for USB. Some people may consider it cool but after giving it a little thought what is common between Hawaii and digital storage anyway.

5. The sushi theme is not over yet since there is another type of USB Drive that looks like sushi. In this particular case the sushi USB looks sticky. Less originality and more weirdness is the only thing to be added here.

4. The following USB is strange only because of its size. The drive is really small and you can even stick it in your ear (surely if you're a weirdo yourself). The name of it is iDisk and the only thing to be mentioned is that a very small device is not always comfortable.

3. If you're really fond of fish then the next USB design is made for you. The USB Fish Shrimp looks weird but you can make fun of your friends by mixing it wish spaghetti for example. If you have a rich imagination you will probably consider this USB quite original.

2. USB Thumb has a very strange look. It is among the leaders in the list of the weirdest USB Drives. Prank is the only thing that comes to mind. Imagine a thumb sticking out of your computer fun, isn't it?

1. Probably the most strange, unoriginal and geeky is the USB Barbie. The cute Barbie doll can only be plugged into your computer if you rip off its head. It is neither funny nor inventive it's weird that's all.

The "Grand Prix" goes to a very interesting specimen, which is a USB vibrator. It comes with five different latex probes and it also has ten preset types of vibration.

Among other weird USB drives you may find:
  • USB snowman, which is a four colors LED device;
  • USB ionizer, which "clears" the air from bacteria when plugged into the USD slot;
  • USB aquarium, which supposes to provide stress relief while being near your computer;
  • USB flower pot speaker, which looks nice and as a matter of fact it is a real speaker;
  • USB self-destruction button, which, somehow, can be used for blocking some specific applications;
  • USB air darts the darts are aimed with the mouse and fired with mouse button, which is fun but weird.

Enjoy the world of weird gadgets and you surely won't miss a lot of "inventive" stuff.




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