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Myth or Key To Secrets of Our Life?

Professional Astrology is a new blog fully dedicated to the science the popularity of which has been constantly increasing, but it is still considered to be strange and mysterious by many of us. In fact, we are simply not aware of the real things astrology discovers and studies.

It is curious to find out the most popular myths related to astrology. The most widespread myth states that astrology is a kind of a pseudo science and all astrologers are quacks. As astrologers themselves admit, astrology is an inexact science as it is difficult to explain why planets influence our life. It is not explainable within modern scientific methods. The main astrological principle is similarity principle: "As above, so below," implying that all the 'events' that happen in the sky are similar to the events that happen on the Earth.

Many of us are sure that astrology is synonymous to mystics, esoterics and occultism, while astrologers are wizards. Actually, astrologers simply know how to read the world of symbols, suggested by the planets and stars and thoroughly analyze it. Of course, astrologers use their intuition during their brainwork and apply it to their knowledge of cosmic laws.

It is interesting to mention what astrologers think about a complex philosophical question related to our destiny or fate. According to astrology, everyone has his own fate, yet everything depends on a person's free will. The time and place of birth day of a person imply a lot of factors that influence this moment and one's character, making one face certain opportunities and challenges, come through special events during one's life, but everyone can change the life scenario using one's free will. So, the destiny exists, but we can make it better and happier.

Many of us consider that Christian Tradition prohibit the science of astrology ideas as it is a sin.

You will be surprised to find out that astrology and religion were very closely related some thousands years ago. Our ancestors believed that the God created the world around and they were integral parts of the Universe. The influence of the planets and celestial bodies was noticed and deeply studied in ancient times and considered as a hand of the God. But then the religion was separated from astrology. Religious systems found seeds of paganism in astrology and did not want to endure any competition as it is always easier to keep people ignorant and obeying.

Human pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and development is the reason the astrological tradition survived despite of prohibition and persecution.

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