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Boys’ sexual development

Puberty changes for boys start around 10 and 12 years old, though there are a lot of cases when it happens earlier or later this age. Every person has its own development path and you shouldn’t worry about it as all the fluctuations you are going through are rather temporary.
Hormonal influence is very powerful at this period. That’s why you should expect a drastic change in your body, your emotional state and many other aspects of your life.

Changes in body shape
You are getting ready to become a real man at this period. Changes that are going to happen with your body are not sudden. Your body parts will certainly grow but you shouldn’t be surprised if this process will be quite unstable. You will become taller and broader in shoulders, and may have your weight increased and your muscles enlarged. Many boys try to push things on and begin training even more. Don’t be in a hurry as sooner or later these you get the final shape. Some boys may experience their nipples swelling, this doesn’t mean that you will need to buy bra, it simply indicate hormonal outburst. This should normally disappear with the time.

Voice changes
At this period, boys usually have changes in their voice. This process is not always smooth as at times voice will suddenly crack but this problem is also passing.

Skin changes
Oily skin and acne(pimples)is often a problem in puberty. Don’t panic. Hormonal changes that occur are due to the glands growth are also temporary. If you are too much concerned with pimples, try to use special cleaning devices to keep your skin clean. Another thing that is likely to trouble you at this period is increased wetness. Use antiperspirant if you feel uncomfortable. If all efforts are in vain, try to consult your doctor.

Hair changes
Expect to have your hair grow on your face, pubic area, under your arms, and/or on your chest. You might want to shave your hair on your face, use personal razor to keep your face smooth.

Changes in sexual organs
There’s no need to say that sexual organs undergo certain changes at this time, which is due to the increased testosterone level. You scrotum will get a bit darker. Your penis and testicles will obviously get bigger. There are a lot myth around penis size and its growth, which you might have heard from the others. Try to avoid these prejudices and don’t overdo with the experiments. For example, some boys tend to use sex toys to increase penis size, but this can be rather a waste of time, because your penis enlarges rather gradually. Keep in mind that penis size doesn’t depend on one’s height or build. Bigger or smaller, penis is not what is all important in sexual relationships. As well as it won’t enlarge, if you have more sex either with a partner or with the sex toy. Wet dreams may occur from time to time. Such sudden erections and ejaculations may happen at night while you are sleeping or awakening. This seems quite intimidating, but actually such things are normal and nothing to worry about. Unexpected ejaculations will fade with the time and this won’t affect your health somehow.

Emotional changes
There is no wonder that you feel emotional shifts while your body is experiencing a real spurt. You may think too much of other people’s reaction and pay too much attention to your body. AS you get older you strive for approval and self-assurance, which is quite ok. Just remember that no matter how fast you develop sexually the result will be the same for every boy.

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