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Contraception for Teens

Why should you protect yourself against unwanted pregnancy?
Many teenagers think they do not need using any methods of contraception. For some reason they are sure that such a trouble as unwanted pregnancy can happen only to anyone but them. Believe it or not, you can get pregnant as well as all other girls. Therefore you should not begin your sex life without being aware of methods of contraception.

By protecting yourself against unwanted pregnancy you show your responsibility. If you use contraceptives than you are a real woman or a real man, rather than an irresponsible teenager who simply hopes he will avoid troubles.

Are you ashamed of speaking openly about contraception with your partner? Than do not make love to this person. Intimate relationships between two people imply trust and mutual understanding. If two persons cannot be sincere with each other, than no doubt there is something wrong with their relationships.

Are you ashamed of buying a condom at a drugstore? Well, you should not. A pharmacist does not care what you are buying: aspirin or a condom. It is much more shameful to have unprotected sex than to buy a contraceptive.

What sorts of sex activity are safe?
Keep in mind that a girl cannot get pregnant only provided her genitals do not come in contact with sperm. This implies that masturbation, oral sex and genital stimulation with sex toys and petting cannot cause pregnancy.

What to anal sex, it is erroneously considered to be safe. In fact sperm can easily leak out the anus and get into the vagina. Besides this anal sex is quite risky, because various infections including HIV transmit through anal intercourse easier than through vaginal one.

Methods of contraception to use
When deciding what method of contraception to choose you must take into consideration such issues as your age, frequency of sex life, the number of your partners, some personal qualities and some other factors which must influence your choice. Keep in mind that there is no method of contraception which can suit everyone: some girls cannot take birth control pills due to side effects these cause or because of absent-mindedness which if inadmissible when taking hormonal pills. Some persons have allergy to latex which prevents them from using latex condoms. Perhaps the best way out is to consult a doctor who will help you to choose a method of contraception which will suit you best.
Now let us see what methods of contraception are the most suitable for teenagers.

Birth control pills
Birth control pills are one of the most popular methods of contraception for girls-teenagers. Modern birth control pills are low dose ones and almost harmless, that is why they are getting more and more popular with teenagers as well as with mature women. But keep in mind that these contraceptives cannot be chosen on your own. They must be prescribed by a doctor who will examine you thoroughly and will you prescribe you the pills which suit you best.
Birth control pills is the most reliable method of contraception except sexual abstinence and sterilization. Like all other contraceptives birth control pills have their disadvantages. First of all, they require a great deal of accuracy and discipline which is not characteristic of most teenagers. Before choosing this method of contraception you must carefully think whether you can take pills every day at the same time without failures. If you cannot do than perhaps you had better refuse this method of contraception because every missed pill increases the risk of unwanted pregnancy.
Unfortunately birth control pills cannot protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. This problem is especially topical for teenagers who often change sex partners.

Injectable contraceptives
Teenagers like injectable contraceptives because they are easy to use. The injections are usually given once in 3-6 months. This method is very effective, but it can be used only by girls who have been menstruating for at least two years. Besides this injectable contraceptives can cause some side effects such as infrequency of periods, pimples, weight gain and others. You should necessarily consult a doctor before using this method of contraception. Generally speaking, teens are not recommended to use injections.
Injectable contraceptives as well as birth control pills do not protect you against STDs.
To protect yourself from both STDs and unwanted pregnancy you should use the condom.

The condom
The condom is one of the best methods of contraception for youngsters. It can be 98 per cent effective provided it is used properly, therefore follow carefully all the instructions condoms always come with. What are the condom’s advantages?
• It is a very effective contraceptive
• It is inexpensive and easy to get
• It can help prolong intercourse
• It can be used by those who are not recommended to take birth control pills
We remind you again: make sure you can put the condom on properly. Otherwise it will break thus making you likely to conceive or to get an infection. Be careful!

These are special sperm killing agents which come in various forms such as sponges, gels, creams and aerosols which are the most popular with teens.
Spermicides should not be used on their own because in this case they are not effective as a method of contraception. You had better use spermicides together with the condom to increase the condom’s effectiveness.
Keep in mind that there is no reason for having unprotected sex. Don’t you have a contraceptive at hand right now? Than refuse sex or get erotic sensations from a love play which does not involve a contact between genitals, such as kissing, erotic massage, petting or use of some sex toys.

A few minutes of pleasure are not worth your health and even future. You cannot bring up a kid yet. And you know that abortion can considerably affect your health and your ability to give birth to a baby in future. Be responsible. Protect yourself.

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