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Masturbation or solo sex

Probably the most popular form of sexual satisfaction for teens is masturbation. Masturbation is a way to get pleasure during stimulating one’s own genitals. Attitude toward solo sex was always equivocal. Most people practice solo sex, still a lot of them doesn’t feel quite easy with it. Besides, misconceptions about masturbation gave something to talk about.

Misconception#1: Solo sex can lead to health troubles.
It’s probably the most well-known myth about masturbation. There exists a lot of believes, that self-pleasing can result in genitals damage and mental diseases. Of course, this is not true. Though, if you masturbate several times per day you may become exhausted. Most teens masturbate from 1 to 6 times per week. That is rather normal as their sexual life is quite irregular at this period. Masturbation is not what you should do by all means, but in some cases it can be even helpful.
In fact, there are also some benefits from masturbation. For example, it can balance your psychological state and release you from stress and tension.

Misconception#2: Masturbation will result in sexual dysfunctions.
There is a quite common believe that men can become impotent if they masturbate too much. It’s quite on the contrary, people who suffer from erectile dysfunction practice solo sex less than those who don’t. Women who are used to masturbate before they had their first partner, more rarely experience anorgasmia (inability to achieve orgasm) and frigidity (sexual coldness).

Misconception#3: Solo sex is for those who are lonely.
Those who keep on doubting that masturbation is not a problem for single people only, we assure that actually this is in contrary to fact. Masturbation will help you reduce sexual tension and embody some sexual fantasies in reality irrelative of the reason why you choose to masturbate.

Masturbation “techniques” Though most people use their hands to practice solo sex, sometimes, men use so called home-made sex toys. Many of them, like a jug or an apple are absolutely improper for those needs. Many use more “advanced techniques” with sex toys-special devices, like penis pumps, realistic vaginas and love dolls that are sold in sex toys shop, designed to make solo sex more variegated and close to reality. If the latter is possible, homemade items are simply not what a boy should practice as such unwanted consequences as penis damages can spoil pleasure for quite a long period. And finally, you should avoid introducing any items in urethra by all means. Be careful with your health!

Some men also practice delaying ejaculation as they believe this will help them “store” their sperm. Such “tantric sex” experiments are at least useless, because it won’t benefit you somehow and can also have ill effects on your health.

Girls also use their hands and sex toys during masturbation, such as dildos and vibrators to stimulate their external and internal genitals. Such stimulation can help you learn your sexual responses well and make you feel more comfortable with your body later.

Masturbation and guilty feelings
The main problem is not that people masturbate, but the fact that they experience fear and embarrassment. Masturbation is neither harmful nor dangerous habit, although when you are afraid that someone will “take you in the act”, you certainly feel quite stressed. We don’t suggest that you should masturbate in public, but rather you should change your attitude towards self-enjoyment and don’t see it as a problem anymore. The most significant thing you need to know is that you should respect your body and don’t feel ashamed about it. It’s up to you to masturbate or not, but if you feel you need it, just treat your body right!

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