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Adolescence pregnancy and abortion

Many parents frighten their teenage daughters with STDs and pregnancy in order to prevent the girl from early beginning of sex life. Some too worrying mothers think that their daughters can avoid these troubles only by refusing sexual relationships with persons of the opposite sex. No doubt, they are mistaken.

Modern contraception makes it possible to enjoy intimate relationships and at the same time be sure that your life is not going to be darkened by unintended pregnancy. There is a great number of methods of contraception one can choose among and a girl must necessarily be aware of them. However, she should keep in mind that a method of contraception must be chosen together with a doctor whose knowledge about birth control is much deeper than his patient’s one.

Adolescence pregnancy rarely ends with delivery. Too young mothers rarely give birth to a healthy baby and almost never a teenage girl’s baby is a desired one whose birth makes its parents happy. That is why we are not going to speak about the latter case, though having a sincere respect for those young mothers who managed not only to give birth to a baby, but to create good conditions for it as well.

Usually adolescence pregnancy ends with abortion which considerably damages a girl’s health and psyche. First of all, it inflicts a severe psychological trauma on a mature woman, to say nothing of a teenage girl whose psyche is very vulnerable. Secondly, abortion always causes greater or lesser complications. It often leads to various sexual and endocrine diseases.

One of the most severe complications after an abortion is infertility i.e inability to conceive and to give birth to a baby. It is known that most infertile adult women had abortion done in youth. Your body is not going to forgive you for such a rough interfering in its processes and functions. The fact is that conception causes considerable changes in hormones to make the organism ready for carrying of pregnancy. Interfering in this process causes complications, sometimes very sad ones.

Keep in mind that abortion can be done only at a clinic or in a hospital where a woman is thoroughly examined after the abortion in order prevent complications which might occur. Never try to get rid of pregnancy on your own. No hot baths, no pills – such means are very dangerous and even deathful.

And one more thing: the earlier abortion is done, the less complications it causes, therefore you must apply to the parents and to your doctor in the quickest possible time after you realized you are pregnant. First of all, the doctor will diagnose pregnancy and secondly will suggest you a way out.

It is fair to say that often suspicion for pregnancy turns out to be false one in spite of being accompanied with a number of “ 100 per cent pregnancy symptoms” such as pain in breast, sickness, changes in tastes and even belly growth – all these signs are of psychogenic nature. They disappear as soon as the period begins.

What can you do to avoid unwanted pregnancy and abortion?
The answer is very simple: you should use a method of contraception every time you have sex no matter whether it is your “safe” day or a day when you are likely to get pregnant. Choose a method of contraception which suits you best together with your doctor and use it properly. For example, if you have chosen birth control pills, than take them every day rather than from time to time. If you prefer condoms than use a condom according to all the given instructions every time you make love.

And of course, make love only to a person whom you love and trust. Only in this case can you be sure your partner cares for your well-being. This concerns boys too. Sometimes it is better to satisfy your need for erotic sensations with a sex toy, rather than with a little known woman. At least a sex toy will not infect you with an STD.

Let us remind you that a male partner cannot insist on abortion: if a woman decides to give birth to a child than her partner does not has the right to make her have abortion done. And on the contrary: if a woman considers termination of pregnancy to be a way out, than a man cannot prevent her from doing this. Nevertheless, any decision concerning pregnancy and future child should be taken together with the father of the potential baby.

There is no doubt, that birth of a child is much more preferable than abortion, especially if this is the first pregnancy, because childbirth does not affect a woman’s health and her ability to have children in future. Anyway, no matter whether you decided to have abortion done or to give birth to a baby, you should consult a doctor to make sure you do not risk your health.
Aren’t you ready for taking such crucial decisions?
Than protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy!

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