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What is safer sex?

You think you are adult enough to begin sex life, don’t you? May be you are right. But do you know that being ready for sexual relationships implies some certain knowledge? We mean knowledge concerning safer sex.

No doubt sex is one of the greatest pleasures one can experience and it is quite natural that almost all humans are eager to experience this enjoyment again and again without thinking about troubles intimate relationships can bring about. But your sex life is hardly going to be happy unless you care for sex safety. What should you protect yourself against?

First of all, these are sexually transmitted infections, the most dangerous being HIV which then causes untreatable disease AIDS. For some reason, teens prefer to think that such a trouble can happen to anyone but them. In fact diseases do not choose their victims depending on their age, native language, gender, confession, sexual orientation and personal qualities. STDs affect anyone who is too careless to protect himself against infections. Fortunately, modern medicine disposes plenty of drugs and other means to treat almost any disease. However, this is not the reason for having unprotected sex contacts. Any disease even if successfully treated considerably affects general state of health and decreases immunity. Some STDs affect one’s ability to conceive. Perhaps such things as family and children do not matter to you now. But can you be sure that in future you will not want to get married and give birth to a child like most people do? As you see safer sex influences not only your present, but your future as well.

Keep in mind that sexual relationships involve two people i.e you and your partner. Being careless and refusing safety measures you risk not only your health, but your partner’s well-being as well. You also risk good relationships with your beloved person. Why should he or she go on staying with you if your sexual relationships bring about troubles? Sex must bring enjoyment, rather than diseases. Always remember about this!

Another risk you have is unwanted pregnancy. Even if you are eager to have children, are you sure you want to have a kid now, when you are a teenager? First of all, your body might not be ready for pregnancy yet. Secondly, you are not ready for parenting both psychologically and economically. Abortion is not a way out. It considerably affects a woman’s health as well as psyche. Abortion is likely to make you hate sex. What is more it can bring about infertility. Do everything you can to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

What can you do to make your sexual relationships safer? Learn as much about safer sex as possible and do not neglect even a single tip given to help you avoid troubles. Make sure you are sexually literate before beginning your sex life and put off the beginning of sexual relationships with anyone if you have even a single doubt these relationships will not bring about sad consequences. Be a responsible person. Let no trouble darken your love.

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