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Addicted To Toys!

Have you ever asked yourself how many kinds of toys has humanity invented? There are hundreds and thousands of them! And they are invented for different reasons and usage purposes. The main reason is ENTERTAINMENT! Let’s follow the history of toys in a person’s life and see where addiction comes from.

Well, in our childhood parents used to distract us from them and from crying too much by bright colored, fluffy, fancy, moving, vibrating toys – in that way these funny things entered our lives, more than that became an important part of it! Maybe they even determined our psychology for the future life.

Growing up! We are already teenagers and joining school or at home we learn how to use technical toys that are around us and make our life easier. But still we go back to entertainment, looking for new toys. Here the best friend is computer which provides games – another kind of transformed toys, but still toys! Our education can’t be up to time and complete without using Internet, and here addiction to toys begins.

We are still teenagers and we find out about existence of a new kind of toys – sex toys! Our interest grows and we dive all over the Internet seeking for the mystery sex toys. So what kind of toys are these? We find the definition – a sex toy is any object or device that is primarily used in facilitating human sexual pleasure. And here our mind bursts, we read “sexual pleasure” and our belly is warming up. “Toys for sexual pleasure?! Why haven’t I heard about it before?” Beginning with this very moment the self education begins! And here again Internet is our best friend.

We find infinity of sex toys! But we stop on vibrators because we very well remember the excitement brought by vibrating toys in our childhood! Again definition – a Vibrator is a phallic shaped battery powered sex toy. The choice is vast, an array of different colored, shaped and sized vibrators are exposed. Our first thoughts are: “these sex toys are strange! Why are they so demanded? Have I seen a vibrator in my parents’ bedroom?”

We are at the end of our teenage. The sexual education provided by school and parents’ explanations enhanced our knowledge about the sexual part of our life; but we are still prone to think about it as about entertainment. We are undecided about starting a sexual life that’s why we return to the sex toys theme and plan to take first virtual love lessons. Girls are fond of vibrators, while boys look for some female sex dolls or penis pumps! At this point our mind confronts our body: hormones go against the reality; desire kills the last tendencies of mind to explain advantages and disadvantages of sex toys usage. That’s why here we have to stop and think with a cool mind. Know: the vibrators can be harmful for teenage girls, as penis pumps can be for boys! Still if you decided to try a vibrator or other kind of sex toy make it wise without excesses. And remember – using sex toys is not the best way of expressing your sexuality. Your young mind can find other much more attractive ways!

We are already adults! It became clear that it is easier to get addicted to a sex toy than to any kind of other type toy; but we still are getting deeper and deeper into this Morpheus –toys addiction!

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