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Intimate hygiene

Intimate hygiene is often a secret to many teens out of the fear. It is important to follow simple rules of intimate hygiene not only to prevent infections but keep yourself clean and fresh. You should remember that as long as your body develops and changes you must pay even much attention to your hygiene as an essential part of your life.

Tips For girls
Try to avoid wearing tight-fitting synthetic wear. It is highly recommended to wear cotton panties. Also try to reduce the time being in wet bathing suit.
Wash your vulva with warm water and clean hands twice a day. Use a mild soap or intimate gel when you wash outer genitals. You should wash your outer genitals in the front to back direction to prevent germs from the anus pass into vagina or urethra.
You shouldn’t wash your vagina and use douche as this can disturb the balance in vaginal area. The result will be an unbalanced vaginal microflora, which not only can weakens the natural barrier for getting an infection, but also may become a source of inflammation and irritation in your vagina.
Avoid putting other things in vagina, like unclean sex toys, or other devices that can be a potential harm to the delicate skin of vagina.

Hygiene during menstruation
Use sanitary napkins, pads or tampons during menses and change them on a regular basis, at least 4-5 times per day. Wash your hands before introducing tampon in your vagina. Don’t use tampons at night.
Wash your genitals as usually or more frequently when you need it.
Try to avoid swimming in the pool during menstruation and have sex during your periods as it increases the risk of getting inflammatory infection.

Tips for boys
It’s good idea to get a habit of keeping your genitals clean and dry. Much attention should be given to your penis hygiene. Of course, you should wash your penis daily and follow these tips:
You should wash the area underneath the foreskin of the penis. First pull the foreskin away from the tip and wash the head with warm water and mild soap. Smegma ( a white fluid), which accumulates under the foreskin should be removed regularly.
Penis and scrotum should be washed juts as usual with clean hands, warm water and mild soap. Rinse your genitals with the water so that no soap parts will leave and provoke irritation in the penis.
Dry your genitals, using toilet paper. It’s a good idea to wear cotton underwear as synthetic clothes may provoke unwanted consequences.

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