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What are good sexual relationships?

If you think that sexual relationships are a snap trick you are probably mistaken, as well as if you think as a very complicated thing. Almost all people experience certain difficulties throughout their lives, which they try to overcome somehow.

1. Keep in mind that good sex takes its roots outside the bedroom.
The more you perceive sex as a sport the more isolated it will be in your life. You should know that it takes time to waken up sexual desire and this depends on your and your partner intimacy and trust. In this case you won’t need to create that special atmosphere to “make things happen”, although romantic evening under the moon won’t be for nothing. It is hard to achieve real intimacy in relationships where no common ground can be found.

2. Take responsibility for your feelings and pleasure you get or not.
Don’t try to shift the responsibility for your own feelings on your partner. Women usually have more troubles with it. In most cases they stay a passive side and expect a man to be a sex expert. When you take responsibility it means that you don’t make him guess what you want and what is right for you.

3. Talk to your partner about your feelings and desires.
When you are able to discuss with your partner your emotions and desires openly it contributes to both of you and your sexual relationships first of all. You may talk things over and agree on some kind of signal system to let your partner know about your desires. It doesn’t mean that once you’ve settle it among yourselves it’s a closed book. As long as your urges undergo certain changes you need to discuss it over and over again. Things that once made you shiver with desire may not work next time!

4. Don’t let sex be taken by routine.
Routine kills sex. In order to avoid it try to express your feeling in various ways and in different situations. Don’t be afraid to change your erotic scenery: experiment with role-playing and take initiative if you never did this before. Variegate sex positions or just confine yourself with petting. Keep in mind that a sexual fantasy is a big tool during intimate play.

5. Don’t let anger and irritation interfere in your relationships.
Of course, sex after a “showdown” can be wild and passionate, but you shouldn’t use sex as a way to manipulate your partner. It’s better to clear thing out beforehand and don’t let them rule in your bedroom.

6. Remember that sex is not a work.
It’s quite natural to feel anxiety and fear in sexual relationships and take efforts to cope with these feelings. However, very often if an intercourse is too task-oriented, the result is rather reverse. It’s much better to approach sexual relationships playfully and more spontaneously. And don't halloo till you are out of the wood!

7. Don’t wait for the right mood to come
Sometimes it can be quite reasonable to give in to your partners desires even if you don’t feel in the mood. When you get into habit to postpone sexual contact, you may come to a point when you no longer feel the urge to make love.

8. You can’t reduce sex to a simple “push the right button”.
Most people want to believe that there is some kind of magic formula to get your partner’s response. This is the biggest misconception. Don’t overestimate the “technique” side and underestimate emotional factor. Those who concentrate their energy on physical aspect may find out that it’s more and more difficult to achieve enrichment in sexual life.

9. Be more realistic in your expectations.
If you think that every date will resemble a scenery in a well-known erotic book or movie, you are absolutely wrong. Sometimes sex is clumsy, sometimes is not satisfying. Were no robots, that’s why every intimate life is so variegated and unmatched!

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