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Putting the condom on properly

No matter whether you like using condoms or not the fact remains: being a teen you will not find a better method of contraception because only a condom can protect you against both unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. This is very important for teenagers who have not yet found a partner to stay for the whole life with. By using a condom every time you have sex you show your being a serious person who is always responsible for his or her actions. One might say: “The condom is not a reliable contraceptive. It often breaks”. Usually those who do not know how to use the condom hold this opinion. In fact, the condom if used properly is almost 98 per cent effective (no other method of contraception can guarantee 100 per cent protection).

Would you like to know how to use a condom? This is not very difficult. Actually, exploitation of any object (even of toilet paper) is regulated by some certain instructions in order to avoid various undesired complications. That is why it is quite natural that such an important and fragile thing as condom requires especially delicate handling.

However, you should first of all buy a condom, before using it.
First of all, verify the expiration date indicated on the package. Indeed, a condom is not a sausage and being expired it will not cause food intoxication. Nevertheless, such a condom is very likely to break while you are enjoying making love to your girlfriend. So do not run risks.

Open the package only with hands without using any sharp object such as scissors, needles and of course, do not do this with your teeth – you might damage the condom in this case. Besides this biting of uneatable objects is quite harmful for teeth.

Now the most interesting things begin. Do you know that a condom must be put on just before the intercourse? This implies that you cannot do it in advance, or during intercourse or in the end of it. The fact is that fluids which the penis discharges during the intercourse might contain sperm or viruses. But you use the condom to avoid pregnancy and diseases, don’t you? The next rule is as follows: put a condom only on hard penis.

Before putting on the condom squeeze its tip with your fingers in order to eliminate air babbles and leave some space for sperm. Air inside the condom often causes it to break.
Now put the condom on the tip of the penis and carefully roll it down your shaft.
Immediately after ejaculation take the condom off simultaneously keeping it at the base of the penis in order to prevent the semen from spilling on your partner’s genitals. Now the only thing you have to do is to throw the condom into the bin. But before you do this wrap the condom with paper so that not to let other people be aware of some details of your personal life.

Please, keep in mind the following
• A condom can be used only once
• Never use an expired condom
• Any sort of sexual contact must be protected. This means that oral-genital contacts as well as anal intercourse also require using a condom
• Some people think that sex activity which does not involve contact with genitals are completely safe and does not require any measures of protection against sexually transmitted diseases. This opinion is wrong. Some people practice stimulating each other’s genitals or anus with various kinds of sex toys, such as for example dildos and vibrators. A sex toy if shared can transmit infections. Therefore any sex toy intended for penetration must necessarily be sheathed with a condom.
• If you need some additional lubrication, than use only water-based lubricants, rather than oil-based ones which are likely to damage the condom. And of course, never use for this purpose Vaseline, oil or lotions.
• Most condoms are made of natural latex which can provoke allergy in some people. If you noted some unpleasant sensations while using a condom, than please, apply to a doctor for advice
• Keep condoms in a dry and cool place. Do not expose them to direct rays of the sun.
• Alcohol and drug addiction and sleeping around can bring about tragic consequences
• Remember that by practicing safer sex you care for your health and for health of the person you love.

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